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Pinterest Marketing

Are you taking advantage of one of the best social networking sites to grow your business? We are living in the 21st century and today the growing business has all new definition.

Here we are talking about Pinterest Marketing. If you are familiar with Pinterest you’ll know that Pinterest is all about sharing images, but also a great platform for a successful business.

In this article, you will know about Pinterest Marketing and how to apply a few best practices to your efforts for your business.

Unlike Instagram, Pinterest is another image-based social networking site. Pinterest creates a unique opportunity for marketers because images uploaded on Pinterest are more from various websites instead of users, so marketers can upload their business or product images with proper description if any person like your post he/she can repin it, circulate and may want to purchase it.

According to the study users who visit a website through Pinterest are more likely to make a purchase than the person who directly visits the website.

Why Pinterest Marketing?
  • These days people prefer watching video or image related to their query instead of reading a long paragraphs i.e visual graphics creates better impact on audience over a written content
  • Pinterest provides you with a feature through which you can see who pins your post. By that, you can easily target your audience, and know your customers.
  • The great thing about Pinterest is that you can easily spy on your competitors. Just create a board and pin the competitor’s posted images. By this, you can easily evaluate your competition.
How to get started with Pinterest Marketing. 
  • Get a marketing strategy: It’s better to first create boards with your products with pins from other brands including social elements. After creating a board you can invite your audience to add pins which describe and highlight your products. It will make users to create their own board with your products which may later be circulated.
  • Once you created your profile on Pinterest you will notice many suggestions on the profile of same interest. Follow those suggestions and examine them. By doing this it will help you improve your business.
  • Create boards with lots of pins and don’t forget to create the title of your board with the relevant keywords. It will create a good impression whenever someone discovers your account.
  • You can share your boards on other social media platforms. It will increase traffic to your website and so as sales.
  • Your pin’s descriptions are very important. Never forget to add keyword oriented descriptions and always add relevant links back to your website or blog.
  • Engage with your audience. Repin, like and comment on your follower’s post also reply to your audience who are liking and commenting on your post.

Analyse your results at a particular period of time. You can do this through Pinterest Analytics. Keep track of your traffic, audience engagement leads generated and many other things you are interested in and want to know basically keep a track of every action, that will definitely help you planning your strategy.