/Moz Update March 2019 – Get Ready For Domain Authority 2.0!
Moz DA 2.0 update

Moz Update March 2019 – Get Ready For Domain Authority 2.0!

As Domain Authority 2.0 has arrived, be ready for better and accurate results. As we all know Google updates it’s algorithm for like 500-600 times a year which have various effects on search results.

As of now a new update of Domain Authority has landed you will experience more realistic and accurate results from Moz.

What is this update?

It is Domain Authority 2.0 which has been released on 5 March 2019. It serves the result on which you can easily rely on. It has become more reliable and trustworthy.

What are the improvements?

There are several improvements that you will notice like:

  • Reliability:
    This new Domain Authority has become more reliable. Earlier it has been working on standard methodology but now it comes up with new fundamental tactics which have made Domain Authority more trustworthy.
  • New Algorithm:
    This new updated version now works on a neural network which can easily detect link manipulation and offers you with several benefits.
  • Improved Ranking Factors:
    Domain Authority is with improved ranking factors. It will now look on link counts and the results will be based on quality, traffic and more other factors of your links.

All these factors will greatly affect the Domain Authority of your links. If you compare the Domain Authorities of sites before and after launching this version, you will notice that DA of most of the sites have fallen. According to these new improvements, DA of your links may fall.

What should we do now?

First and foremost it is adviced that DA should be used as relative matric, not the absolute one.

It means that it doesn’t matter whether your Domain Authority is dropping or increasing it will be relative to your competitor’s also.

So, if your website’s Domain Authority has dropped don’t worry, just be in touch with your competitor’s DA because it will fluctuate relatively.

All these changes will definitely improve the rankings on Google.

Check the new update now!

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