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LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn is not just about seeking or posting jobs. It is also one of the best business marketing platforms. LinkedIn was founded in 2002 and so one the oldest social networking site.

LinkedIn is a platform which is mainly used for building and nurturing professional relationships – including with potential leads and your customers!

If you want to set up your business or want to promote a particular brand LinkedIn can help you at a greater extent.

LinkedIn creates a great opportunity for business marketers to promote their business. It offers various features through which you can grow your business like native publishing and promotion, a web-based educational platform, a slide-hosting platform with over 70 million users, and a heck of a lot more.

Here are the steps to follow for your successful business marketing:

1. Create a great LinkedIn company page: Creating an amazing page will showcase your success, build your brand, help potential employees and customers find you, and flaunt your company culture in front of a massive community.

  • Try to create a profile which is easy to find. While creating a profile you can add a few keywords that are highly relevant to your profession – words that people use when searching for pros like you.
  • Keep your profile updated. Post frequent status update. You can easily customize and schedule your updates.
  • Add attractive and keyword oriented descriptions.

2. Target specific, professional audiences and decision makers. Knowing what type of audience will like your business will be a great help. There are a number of criteria you can use to define your ideal audience, including:

  • location
  • industry sector
  • company size
  • job title
  • job function
  • gender

After completing your profile in terms of above mentioned criteria you will find an option on right showing people with same skill set and interest you can connect with the people inyour trait and grow your connections globally.

3. You can have paid accounts with LinkedIn. You can reach LinkedIn users directly and can send a direct message for this LinkedIn charges a monthly fee according to the number of messages that can be sent to non-connections. It will provide great help for your sales, marketing, consulting, and recruiting users on LinkedIn who want to reach people not currently a connection.

4. Organize events, recommendations and discussions. Through recommendations, a user or company can obtain customer references. You can use events, press announcements, live seminars etc to advertise your business to your potential audience. Join groups related to your industry and start a conversation discussion with other members by simply posting questions or regular posts. Demonstrate your skills to the group members, receive feedback and grow your connections.

Also, never forget to answer or respond to the customer’s questions or any post, it builds trust and the right image in the eyes of users.

LinkedIn was built to create a business-to-business platform. LinkedIn is the most professional Social Network than any other social sites, Main aim to create LinkedIn was to help people grow professional network and make employees and employers meet in one place.