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All You Need To Know About Domain Authority

What Is Domain Authority

DA is used to check website relevancy and performance of website in SERP results. Basically, it is a score which defines the relevancy of your website and has a direct impact on its ranking by search engines.

Domain Authority is developed by Moz which points your website score on the scale ranges from zero to 100. It is very clear that the higher your DA score, the better will be your search engine ranking.

Have you checked your Website DA is it “Good” or “Bad”?

Actually, there is no such definition of “good” or “bad” DA, as it is a comparative tool used to define relevancy of your website so it is difficult to set a range of good or bad DA. Instead of only increasing your DA, it is also very important to focus on the DA of your competitive website and try to have a higher score than your competitors.

How To Improve Domain Authority?

There are several reasons on which Domain authority of a website depends. Consider if your website had a domain score of 70 but now it scores 45, it is very important to improve your domain authority score as it will directly affect your google ranking.

Now you might be wondering how you can improve your site’s DA?

Here are some important factors:

1) Backlinks:

Try to earn more and more backlinks to your website. Earn some links from different websites to boost your ranking. Linking root domain is a very effective way to increase your domain authority score and so as ranking.

2) Quality Content:

Never play with the quality of content. Quality content is one of the most important factors on which the ranking is based on. You must keep high-quality unique content in your website.

3) On-Page SEO:

On-page SEO plays an important part to increase your DA number as it informs Google and other search engines about your website and what should be your rank on a search engine when a particular keyword is used.

4) Social Media:

Social media is a great platform to present your content or any services in front of your audience.

– Create any social media page

– Build your professional profile

– Use the business logo

– Gain followers

– Increase publishing
frequency to your social media page
– Link your social profiles to your guest posts to gain credibility.

5) Remove Bad Links:

Having bad links can lead to Google penalties which can get you in trouble. Removal of bad links is very important as it affects the domain authority. You have to perform this practice regularly otherwise it will affect your site’s position on search engine.

The DA Checker Tool By SeoInsider

Proactive Digital Marketers continuously monitor and improve their website’s domain authority to gain better visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs). A good marketer will always keep their eyes on competitors website and how they are performing on internet.

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