/6 actionable tips to gain more subscribers for your blog

6 actionable tips to gain more subscribers for your blog

Every blogger wishes to grow the number of subscribers but it isn’t an easy task. Many readers avoid subscribing as they don’t want to stuff their mailboxes with too many emails while others think that subscribing to a blog is a sure way to say yes to spam. Whatever the reason may be, getting subscribers is much more difficult than getting readers. So we compiled some of the smart tips to positively influence the readers and compel them to subscribe to your blog. You can read this article and pick the tips that seem to be most effective and practical. For your convenience we have also mentioned some of the handy tools to increase your subscribers:

Use quick options and prominent positioning

Using easy and quick subscription options attracts your readers’ attention and encourages them to subscribe. Also give your subscription options a highlight, eye-friendly position. Avoid hiding them in an obscure corner of your blog.

Don’t restrict your readers to choose only a specific subscription option but offer them a wider menu so that they can choose the option they are comfortable with.

Also don’t forget to ask your readers to subscribe – especially at the strategic positions- while sharing high-value information, actionable tips, or comprehensive industry data.

The best places to display subscription option:

Dedicated Page: Create a dedicated email subscription page.

Floating Bar: A floating bar that doesn’t disappear even if we scroll down. It assures that your visitor just can’t scroll past your subscription form.          

Header: Placing your subscription form at the header gives it a high prominence and effortlessly attracts visitors’ attention.

 Blog Page: Blog page are the dedicated reading lounge for your readers which makes it a natural choice for placing a subscription link.

Blog Posts (In-line): Select the most powerful parts of your blog posts and place your subscription form there. Think of immediately actionable tips or positive claims by your readers. Placing your link with a relevant tagline can naturally convince your readers to subscribe to your blog.

About Page: Many readers visit you’re about page to read more about you. That’s where you create connections and make people familiar with your personality, achievements, and objectives. Once people know about you and your profile, they are more willing to subscribe to your blog.

Focus on a specific niche and master it

Juggling with multiple niches not only confuses your readers but also results in shallow articles touching only the surface area. Why would readers subscribe to such a flimsy blog that doesn’t offer them any tangible value? So, stick to a specific niche.

Narrowing down your attention allows you to delve deep into the topic and extract the most valuable information that enriches the reading experience. The expertise and authority show through your blog posts and readers would be happy to receive your latest blog posts in their mailbox.

Make a list of your interests: You can’t write well if you don’t enjoy the topic. So start by creating a list of your interests on which you wish to blog.

Shortlist what you are best at: Most people to love to read blogs that enrich their knowledge and expertise. You can’t be an expert in every activity you enjoy. Select the ones about which you possess deep knowledge.

Consider joining a practical course: Not every passionate blogger makes it to success. So it would be great to combine passion with practical knowledge. There are many ideal blogging courses available in the market that will help you learn the best blogging skills, avoid mistakes and focuses well on your niche as well as commercial objectives.

Understand commercial scope by using keyword planners: With the right keyword planners, you can see the metrics like the total number of searches, interest over time, and latest trends. All these things help you determine the most specific topics for your blog.

Fix your eye on the Most Profitable/sustainable Niche: Compare between different niches to understand their commercial potential and growth scope. Depending on the same you can pick the niche that seems most rewarding.

Offer exclusive incentives

Many readers don’t see any point in subscribing to your blog as they can just visit and read it whenever they need it. Encourage such casual readers to offer guaranteed gifts on subscriptions like free high-value industry reports, eBooks, web series, or courses. This promise of getting something extra has a quick positive impact on the readers that prompts them to subscribe.

Don’t forget to mention the immediate real-life benefits of such gifts like increased sales through digital marketing, explore new markets with the latest reports, or learning new technologies to enjoy a cutting edge.

Best incentives to offer your subscribers

An informative eBook: on the most trending topics or most pressing issues of your targeted audiences.

Detailed email course: that helps your subscribers increase their income, reduce costs, or multiply productivity. You can either create it yourself or hire an expert. Make sure that it is top-notch and well presented.

Webinars: Webinars are digital alternatives for seminars. Offer a webinar link to your subscribers where they can ask you live questions, discuss their issues, and get quick solutions. You may also consider inviting experts and arranging panel meetings. Case studies, how-to’s, and expert insights on trending topics are some of the evergreen webinar topics.

Giveaway: You can also offer a genuine and significant discount on a specific digital asset that offers practical assistance to your targeted audiences. For instance, if you are selling a podcast series for $100 then offer the same for your email subscribers at a discounted rate of $50 or $75

Pro Tip

Give an impressive name to your email subscribers like the Pro-Members club or Gold members club. Offer them a pool of monthly privileges including exclusive subscriber-only posts every month, discounted eBooks; free courses, and one on one email consulting. This strategy can also make it easier for you to land your next paying client.

Create a dedicated lading page for subscription

Design a dedicated page for subscriptions where you can tell in detail about the benefits of subscribing to your blog. Allocating an exclusive digital real estate to the subscription offer highlights the importance of subscription while also preventing the unnecessary distractions.

Design subscription page as a powerful landing page with effective CTAs and use some strong sources to increase its visibility and drive traffic- it could be your main blog, Facebook ad, or banner links. For better impact, consider creating a vanity URL for your subscription page as it offers a unique address to it.

Here are a few easy tools to create a landing page for your email subscription

  • Landingfolio
  • Ucraft
  • Mailerlite

Offer guest posts to other blogs

By writing a guest post for other blogs of your niche- preferably the ones with high authority and massive traffic- you can easily increase your reach to multiple and diverse demographics. Now you would think how will it help your blog? Just ask the blog owner to allow you an author byline containing a link to your main blog and place it at the end of your guest post.

Keep in mind that the objective is to give a solid idea of your subject expertise and more importantly the tangible benefits you offer to the readers. It will prompt serious readers to read your byline and visit your blog through the link.

Half-hearted efforts won’t help you here. Distill your best expertise and writing skills in producing a stellar post assuring immediate benefits to the readers and encourage them to know more about you by reading author byline.

Tips for guest posting

  • Select only those sites that are highly popular with your potential targeted audiences.
  • Well-research your content as it gives an idea of your writing style to your new readers. Showcase your excellent work so that should be convinced to subscribe to your blog.
  • Strictly follow all the guidelines for guest posting if you don’t want to waste your attempts. Read carefully about the style, word length, presentation style, backlink permissions, etc.
  • Avoid stuffing the article with multiple links. It seems cheap and annoys the blog owner.
  • Think about the major pain points of the readers of that blog and write a post that offers them tangible solutions. Such high quality and most relevant guest posts are always welcomed by other bloggers.

Use podcast as a powerful magnet to attract potential subscribers

Creating niche-related podcasts is another solid strategy to increase bog subscribers. Produce a series of subject-specific podcasts targeting the latest trends and major pain points of your targeted audiences.

Briefly mention your blog at a few strategic places in each of your episodes and tell subscription benefits at the end. It encourages listeners to subscribe to your blog. Podcasts allow you to connect with your audiences at a more personal level and thus ensures a better conversion rate, i.e., more subscribers for your blog.

There exist other first-hand benefits as well. By starting podcasts you would be stepping in a new media zone which allows you to widen your audience group and enrich your portfolio.

Advertisers also tend to prefer the bloggers who work with multiple content types (blogs, podcasts, videos, etc.) as it allows them to hire a one-stop source for promoting the company through diverse media forms. If you don’t find yourself very comfortable with podcasts then you can also consider inviting subject experts for podcast interviews or even a panel discussion.

Quick tips to create engaging podcasts

  • Buy high-quality pieces of equipment like branded microphone, decent software, and good quality recording equipment.
  • Pick the theme that you are comfortable with and hold a good expertise
  • Ensure that your podcasts are optimized for search engines to make it easily discoverable by Google and targeted audiences.
  • Invite expert guests to your podcasts as it will not only enrich your podcasts’ value but also win you some great connections.
  • Avoid unnecessary huge gaps in between, Maintain a uniform consistency. Using a podcast calendar can help you achieve a good consistency.


Building a loyal community of subscribers is vital to achieving long term sustainability for any blog but the question is how to increase subscribers. For that, you need to follow some smart strategies. In this blog, we mentioned some of the best ways to increase your blog subscribers.

While we don’t claim any overnight results, patiently following these tips will help you to steadily increase your subscribers.